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Open Sourced PowerPlant Framework for Mac OS and Mac OS X developed by Metrowerks. Includes PowerPlant, PowerPlantX and Constructor. This framework has been released to open source by Freescale.


An application framework is a methodology and set of software libraries that allows software developers to build applications. Because a framework takes care of implementing the behavior of a generic application, the software developer can concentrate his or her efforts on developing the unique feature functionalities of the application. This means that applications can be developed more quickly and with less strain on creative resources, and brought to market faster.

PowerPlant Framework for Mac® OS

An object-oriented application framework is an architectural approach to building applications with a set of class libraries. Think of it as a blueprint and design methodology on which a set of standardized software libraries are based. 

PowerPlant framework for Mac OS is Metrowerks' object-oriented application framework and class libraries for Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. The PowerPlant class library was designed to be easy to use, be highly scalable, and produce commercial-quality software applications effortlessly. With the PowerPlant framework you, can develop applications quickly and easily.